Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What About Me? by William G. Bentrim

What About Me? by William G. Bentrim 
Book Description:  A sick or injured child can disrupt the best of families. Parents are frequently so focused on the sick child that well siblings may feel abandoned. In spite of the love they feel for their sibling, a well child may be annoyed with all the attention their sick sibling receives. The well child may feel guilty about their anger or annoyance. Conflicting emotions can overwhelm the healthiest child. This book hopes to demonstrate to the healthy child that their feelings are normal, acceptable and guilt is not necessary. The book also hopes to alleviate any of the well child's feelings of alienation and loneliness by reassuring them of their parents love.

My Review:  William G. Bentrim creates special books for children. He uses kindness and sensitivity to create stories for children going through difficult times. Using the same type of bear characters from some of his previous books, Mr. Bentrim shows much wisdom in his approach to difficult subjects that cause stress in children.

What About Me? is for children with a sibling with a sickness or injury and explores the feelings of guilt, neglect, or jealously they may experience when the parents are busy caring for the sibling. As he did in his previous books, the author has resources and coping tools for the parent to use. What I appreciate most about Mr. Bentrims books and parental helps is that he always encourages the help of grandparents and other relatives. Family – that is what is important in his books.

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