Monday, January 20, 2014

Innocence by Dean Koontz

I am a long time fan of Dean Koontz books. His writing has certainly changed over the years, but then I've changed too! Innocence is once again a different kind of book that truly took me by surprise.  I will not give a synopsis because I wouldn't want to spoil a bit of the mystery.
changed also. His books have never once been a disappointment. 

Mr. Koontz has an incredible talent to describe people, places, and emotions to give the reader a sense of presence.  The story of Addison and Gwyneth and their special circumstances was an emotional adventure for me.  I loved the book, and although the end was satisfying with all questions answered, I wanted it to go on forever.  I highly recommend this book.   

Thursday, January 9, 2014

If You Were Me and Lived in Kenya by Carole P. Roman

If You Were Me and Lived in Kenya by Carole P Roman is another outstanding book in her series of books that introduce children to cultures around the world. This time the young reader is introduced to Kenya. The book covers the information that is most important to children such as what their name might be if they lived in Kenya and what they would call their Mommy and Daddy. It covers common meals, games, toys, and other different and interesting activities of daily life in that country. The full-page illustrations by Kelsea Wierenga are fun and attractive to children.  New readers will be challenged by new and interesting words along with a pronunciation guide and non readers will enjoy listening to the descriptions as they look through the illustrations.
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