Friday, May 7, 2010

Felting for Kids: Fun Toys, Cool Accessories by Gry Hojgaard Jacobsen and Sif Hojgaard Hoverby link for Felting for Kids

About the Book: Discover the delights of wet felting with more than 40 quick and easy projects for both boys and girls. Discover the wonderful world of wet felting with this exciting collection of fabulous toys and accessories for kids. Choose from more than 44 projects in four fun collections - Baby, Princess, Love, and Cool - that make the techniques of wet felting easy and fun to learn.
About the Author: Sisters Gry Hojgaard Jacobsen and Sif Hojgaard Hoverby are co-owners of Gry & Sif, a company that specializes in beautiful Scandinavian style designs.

My Review: What a fun way to create toys and useful items for children! This book starts by showing you how to create your own felted wool fabric. With some raw wool, a few tools (one of which is bubble wrap), and eighteen photographs to show the process, the book clearly explains how to make felted fabric. At the end of the book there is a page of resources for the raw wool if it is not readily available. Of course, you can also purchase the felt to make the designs in the book.

For babies, there are patterns for items like balls, blocks, pillows, cars, a mobile and much more. For older children there are bags, boxes, a floor runner, and toys. There are big beautiful and colorful pictures for each of the projects. The projects would not only be fun to make, but also fun to work on with your children or grandchildren.

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