Monday, May 24, 2010

God's Promises for Boys by Jack Countryman and Amy Parker link for God's Promises for Boys
This is a nice topical book to read to small children about God’s promises in our lives. Each double page contains a short poem, cartoon style picture, and several Bible verses. Because most small children don’t understand many of the adult words in the Bible, verses in God’s Promises for Boys are from the International Children’s Bible. The ICB is a translation for children of the whole Bible, not a paraphrase.

Whether the child is happy, angry, lonely, or afraid, there are pages with God’s promises for feelings. The book tells children who Jesus is as Savior, Lord, Friend, Hope, Example, Protector, Peace and Joy. The book also teaches telling others the good news by sharing your faith and learning more about God.

The pictures are cute with children, dogs and activities depicting the theme for each entry. It is a small book at about 7” X 5”, just right for small hands, but has 128 pages. This is a book that will encourage children to learn to rely on God and seek to do what is right. I would recommend this book for parents, grandparents, church nurseries, or a gift for that special child.


  1. Having 4 boys, this seems like a perfect book for me. Especially for my 3 little ones, I'm always on the look-out for books that can teach them the bible in a way they find interesting and can understand. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!

  2. What a great review website. I love books and kids gain so much from reading. Thank you.


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