Friday, May 28, 2010

Donatella Cooks - Simple Foods Made Glamorous by Donatella Arpaia

Link to for Donatella Cooks 
Donatella Arpaia states: “You don’t have to be an accomplished chef to put a fantastic meal on the table.” Donatella Cooks - Simple Foods Made Glamorous contains elegant Italian recipes for family meals or entertaining. The author introduces the reader to her own kitchen and her very organized pantry.

The book contains many tips and hints with links in the “Donaltella Clicks” sections for finding the tools and ingredients she uses. I confess that many of the ingredients sent me running to Google just to find out what they are, but her recipes do not have long lists of ingredients or lengthy instructions. With the correct ingredients the dishes should be simple to prepare. She recommends and for ingredients not found locally.
Although there are not pictures of every dish, there are some photos of the prepared food and several of her family. This cookbook is not your ordinary cookbook, and I look forward to trying a few of her recipes.


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