Thursday, February 16, 2017

The City Baker’s Guide to Country Living by Louise Miller

I listened to this book because I received an audio version of The City Baker’s Guide to Country Living with 8 CDs.

I don’t know if any author starts out to write characters that are unlikable, but I didn’t find any character in this book of any real interest. The dialog was so overly descriptive that I frequently lost interest. If you think a lengthy description of the main character unwrapping of a stick of butter and how it “felt” on the knife sound interesting then you may love this book.

I found a lack of continuity of the story that seemed to jump from one scene to another suddenly. This, of course, may have been because I was listening to the audio book and would have been less confusing in the written version. For example, there was a very long description of a drive down the road and suddenly someone was offering her a tray.

The audio was read by Jorjeana Marie. I don’t know if she was attempting an accent or trying to hide one, but there were some odd pronunciations. The tray described above was pronounced “trah” and window became “wind-e”. A few words I just let pass because I didn’t want to back track the CD.

I received an audio copy from the Blogging For Books program.
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