Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mommy’s Black Eye - Children Dealing With Domestic Abuse by William G. Bentrim link for Mommy's Black Eye

Mommy’s Black Eye is a book that we wish would never need to be written. Unfortunately there is a need, and one that continues to grow. The author, William G Bentrim, is a former teacher and guidance counselor. In his calm and understanding approach, he explores this topic for children in a household where abuse has happened. Using a mama bear with a black eye and answering questions asked by the children, the author leads the conversation so that the children will not feel any blame or fear. There is also additional information for the parent on coping and for additional resources. This is an amazing children’s book that should be in every library or a special book for a child in an abusive household.

Mr. Bentrim is also the author of:

I Like to Whine, Dealing with Whining Children

Daddy Goes on a Trip, Dealing with Travel and Deployment

The Adventures of Hardy Belch: The Hardy Belch and Tiny Adventures


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