Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sirius Loss by Tim Edwards

Sirius Loss, by Tim Edwards, is a story that mixes Christianity and science fiction. Written in a style that would most interest preteen/teen aged readers, the story has an interesting plot when astronomer Jennifer Bass discovers a series of events that threaten Earth and all life. The author succeeded in making the story seem real, and I never knew until the end how it would turn out. The main characters are David Lopez, his wife Jennifer Bass, and their children Allison and Justin. The family is astonished by the discoveries, hounded by the media and challenged by the choices they make. The portrayal of this solid, loving family is a good role model for young readers. The book did not leave me hanging, but it did make me look forward to a possible sequel. I would recommend this for young readers, but I also think that older readers also can enjoy this quick read.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Lifted by Angels by Joel Miller

Lifted by angels is a serious look at angels and their relationship to God and to us.  The author takes passages from scripture and from writings of our ancient fathers to explain what angels were to the early Christians. It is sad the way our world has portrayed these beings in such a trivial way. We have come to take them for granted, or worse, some think of them as imaginary beings.

The book covers the nature and origin of Angels, the fall of Lucifer and demons, watch-care over Israel, the angels and their work under Christ, the ministering spirits, how they work our prayers, and our guides as we pass over. 

It starts a little dry, and I confess I was irritated by some of the references.  For example, he attributed one contribution to "An anonymous fifth or sixth-century thinker".  However, as I read through and envisioned those beings in my life I was able to immerse myself in the book.  I was especially comforted by the vision of an angel taking the hand of a loved one to lead them as a "Final Companion. It is a short read but an important look at how we are Lifted By Angels.

This book was received from the Booksneeze program with the promise of an honest review.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Digital Postcard

This is so cute!  I received this digital postcard from T. L. Higley author of Petra: City of Stone, and City of the Dead.  Her website is Tracy L.Higley to see all of her books.

She sent the photo from the city of Ephesus.  Behind her is the huge amphitheater that was the site of the dramatic confrontation between Paul and the worshippers of Artemis. Her next book is So Shines the Night for release next March.

The card she is holding says:
Hi Linda! Having a great time in Ephesus. Wish you were here! Tracy

I thought it was a clever way to send a message.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ghosts of Savannah by Terrance Zepke

This little book can serve double duty.  Ghosts of Savannah is an interesting introduction to the ghostly legends of Savannah, Georgia.  It can also serve as a nice travel book for sightseeing in Savannah.

The book starts with a little information about the city and its history as well as its haunted history.  As for the ghost tales, each starts with a story or dialog set back in time at the beginning of the location’s history.  This beginning is brief, but sets the stage for the story.  Also included, when available, is the status of the building or location, the address, website, and tour information. 

While not an in-depth study of the different locations, I enjoyed reading briefly about each of the sites, especially the historic, old houses.  The history of the houses was just as interesting as the stories about the ghosts that haunt there.

There are black and white photos of the locations.  Although color photos are usually preferred, I think the black and whites help set the scene with the historic locations.

Whether you want an introduction to the haunts of Savannah or are planning a trip there, Ghost of Savannah is a good start.   

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Grandma & Me by Crystal Bowman

There is nothing more special than to sit down and read a book to my granddaughter.  My Grandma & Me by Crystal Bowman is already a big hit with her and she is only two years old.  Although probably more appropriate for an older child, she already brings me the book and listens when I read or sing the songs to her.

The book is beautiful with the illustrations created by Katherine Kirkland. They are colorful, but with a soft, pleasant appearance.  Although the book has a nice hard cover, I would have preferred that the pages to be of stronger paper and tear resistant for younger children.

Each double-page devotion starts with a Bible verse, then a rhyming lesson, and ends with a short prayer or song.  The songs are designed to be sung to familiar tunes. The rhyming devotions cover such topics as being afraid, saying you are sorry, caring for others, giving praise, giving thanks, and much more.  The devotions are designed for the short-attention spans of children, but bring a wealth of important truths from God’s Word in each paragraph.  Bible verses are taken from various translations such as NIrV and ICB, but some are not marked for versions. 

The author gives ideas on how to use the book including ideas for long-distance grandparents.  At the end of the book is a section called Passing Down the Faith which offers The Ten Commandments, Psalm 23, and The Lord’s Prayer, all of which I remember learning as a child.  There is also a Grandmother’s Prayer to end the book.

Tyndale House Publishers provided a review copy of this book in return only for an honest and fair review.  

Monday, October 1, 2012

Small-Space Container Gardens by Fern Richardson

As soon as the first frost hits here I am planning for next year’s plantings.  Small-Space Container Gardens has already helped me start planning for our spring porch and deck.  No matter what your available space, this book has something for you.

The first few chapters set the scene by choosing colors, containers settings, and location.  Following that there is information on attracting wildlife and growing food plants in containers.  There is a section on succulents and scents, and a chapter on privacy planting. You can learn to create a vertical garden, and battle pests. There is even a green thumb crash course.  This is just a brief summary of what is in this information packed book.

The book helps with ideas for designing not just individual pots but, an entire patio or porch.  There is something for the spacious areas for those who live in the country as well as those who have limited space in the city.  Large or small, there are planting ideas for all.

There are several projects for inexpensive pot upgrades and very unique ideas using thrift shop or found items. My favorite project was the beautiful garden table that would be so simple to create with only a few materials. 

Timber Press provided a review copy of this book in return for an honest and fair review.  
I provide a link to purchase the book, but it is only as a courtesy and I receive no compensation if purchased.

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