Monday, May 10, 2010

Heart Healthy Monday

I guess I should just admit that I forgot Hearth Healthy Monday last week.  I didn't remember until Wednesday so I just posted a couple of extra book reviews. 

HH Web Link - Here is some information from the BCBS website: Facts About Coronary Artery Disease

 HH Tip is from the (w/permission):  Beverages today are loaded with calories and sugar.  Start this week by reading nutrition labels and choosing low-fat milk or water instead of soda or
energy drinks.
A healthy way to start to the day or a cool afternoon snack for those in warm weather:
Mango Shake

2 C lowfat milk
4 Tbsp frozen mango juice (or 1 fresh mango, pitted)
1 small banana
2 ice cubes
Put all ingredients into blender. Blend until foamy. Serve immediately.

Instead of mango juice, try orange, papaya, or strawberry juice.


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