Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Upcoming Review

I just received Gray Apocalypse by James Murdoch. It is an alien invasion book. I can't wait!!

It Walks By Night by John Dickson Carr ***

It Walks By Night by John Dickson Carr Copyright 1930
Not the type of book I usually read, this mystery from the '30s is set in Paris. The story begins with a quote about night monsters that bring about thoughts of werewolves and vampires. It is, however, a murder mystery complete with a severed head. The impossible murder that could not have happened with all doors being watched. It contains all of the needed components for this type of mystery. There is the inspector, the gruesome beheading, the new bride, trickery, and the woman scorned. To top it off - a little Reefer Madness mixed in. Not my favorite read, but different.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Face of Betrayal by Lis Wiehl *****

Book Description
Fox News legal correspondent and former Federal Prosecutor Lis Wiehl has created a suspense novel that's as timely as tomorrow's headlines.
While home on Christmas break, a seventeen-year-old Senate page takes her dog out for a walk and never returns. Reporter Cassidy Shaw is the first to break the story. The resulting media firestorm quickly ensnares Federal Prosecutor Allison Pierce and FBI Special Agent Nicole Hedges. The three unique women are life-long friends who call themselves The Triple Threat--a nickname derived from their favorite dessert and their uncanny ability to crack cases via their three positions of power.
Though authorities think Katie might have been kidnapped or run away, those theories shatter when Nicole uncovers Katie's blog. They reveal a girl troubled by a mysterious relationship with an older man. Possibly a U.S. Senator.
As the three women race against time to find Katie alive, their increasing emotional involvement brings out their own inner demons and external enemies. There are many faces of betrayal, but they must find one face in a crowd of growing suspects before they become the next victims.
In Face of Betrayal, Lis Wiehl's expertise in law, politics, and criminal investigation merges with April Henry's narrative genius to create a gripping mystery filled with rich characters, real danger, and a shocking yet satisfying final twist.
My Review:
Allison the prosecutor, Cassidy the reporter, and Nic the FBI agent are three long-time acquaintances who become friends only after they find out they have one thing in common – crime. I enjoyed the way the author is developing these characters a little at a time with small insights into their background, but also mysteries yet to be learned. Because this is the first of three books, I am eager to learn more about each of them in the future books. Also, what a joy it is to read about a woman of faith who is not portrayed as fanatic or strange, but just someone who struggles with everyday problems in her faith.

There were interesting insights slipped in by the author about the behind the scenes of TV news and legal issues. True to life, the story line could be on the front page of the newspaper with characters that could live next door, appear on my local TV, or attend my church. The story follows a missing teen and the search for answers to her disappearance. It also follows the main characters and how their friendship thrives even when their professional lives clash. This is a very good book that I would recommend highly.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Knitted Farmyard ***** Very Different!

The Knitted Farmyard (Search Press Classics) by Hannelore Wernhard
A delightful little book/booklet with a knitted farm scene, including animals, crops, and buildings. The building patterns are light on details, but easy enough to figure out how to put them together. The patterns would make a nice toy for a child over 4 or a cute table display.

Knitting for Dogs ***

Knitting for Dogs: Irresistible Patterns for Your Favorite Pup -- and You!… by Kristi Porter
Of course we want to knit for our dogs, too. This book contains 96 pages of patterns for sweaters, coats, and accessories. There are also patterns for items for people who want to wear something that will match their dog's clothing. From frou-frou girlie to macho male dog styles, the book has patterns for all size and shapes. A fun book with excellent photographs of the finished product (and really cute dogs).
The Christmas Box by Richard Paul Evans
This book was given to me by Angel of Hope in my local area. Angel of Hope is a group that supports grieving parents in the loss of a child. The Angel in this group is based on the Angel in Christmas Box book. It is a very touching story of family and strangers and what is really important in life. It is a short read and while not a great book, is a heart-felt story. It does reflect Mormon religious beliefs, but does not try to convert.

Christianity in Crisis 21st Century *****

Christianity In Crisis 21st Century by Hank HanegraaffFrom the back cover: "Even from your own number men will arise and distort the truth." The Apostle PaulIn this updated edition of Christianity in Crisis, Hank Hanegraaff exposes those preachers who twist and misquote the Scriptures to fit their messages of a prosperity gospel. The author quotes some of the current, well-known “Name it and Claim it” preachers, such as Joel Olsteen, Mike Dooley, Joe Vitale and Joyce Meyer, then compares their statements with the Word of God.One of the most shocking examples in the book is about the author and contributors of “The Secret” made popular by Oprah, which teaches that thoughts create our circumstances. When one of its contributors appeared on the Larry King show, King asked whether Jessica Lundsford, the child brutally abused and murdered, attracted this horror to herself. Joe Vitale responded, “We are attracting everything to ourselves and there is no exception”.The author cuts away at the false doctrines with expert precision. Example after example shows the error of men and women claiming to be speaking the word of God, but in reality speaking from the pits of Hell.The book is extensively footnoted and includes a scripture index, subject index, and a bibliography. I highly recommend this book for anyone who seeks truth. It could easily be used for a personal Bible study or small groups study.

The Hole in our Gospel

The Hole in our Gospel, by Richard Stearns:Richard Stearns, a wealthy CEO earning a seven-figure salary, received a call from God he did not want to receive. He was asked to head the charitable organization World Vision, but he would have to give up his salary, large home, and upscale car, move to another area, and accept a six-figure salary.Mr. Stearns envisions a world where Christians band together and donate enough money to end poverty and injustice in the world. He believes that scripture indicates that salvation depends on not only Christ’s death on the cross, but also good works to the impoverished, and without both we have a “Hole in Our Gospel”.The book clearly describes the problems around the world with poverty, aids, and injustice, but does not explain in enough detail how money alone can cure all of the ills of the world. While we may not agree with his views on the Gospel, we cannot deny that most American churches do not support the poor and sick in their own neighborhood, or around the world. Missions and missionaries are often underfunded and medical missions lack supplies. While I disagree with many of his opinions, I was challenged by his call for action.
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