Friday, December 30, 2011

Concrete Garden Projects by Malin Nilsson and Camilla Arvidsson

I was the fortunate contest winner of this book, a gift certificate to Home Depot, and foam molds to create concrete address numbers.  The project for the house numbers was a video garden project presented on the Timber Press website.

A couple of years ago I made some stepping stones with concrete with found “treasures” around the house, but when I saw Concrete Garden Projects, I realized there were many other things I could make with a little concrete.  I love projects that repurpose and use found items.

This book has inspiration as well as specific instructions for creating useful concrete objects for the yard.  There are a variety of pots using either homemade molds or other containers you have around the house.  There are also mini-ponds, birdbaths, tea lights, and other decorative items.  The last section of the book is the Project Handbook with step-by-step instructions and photographs for working with concrete and molds. There are instructions also for adding decorative touches to your concrete project.

The photographs are nicely done and most are full-page.  Most of the projects are easy and can be made with things you have around the home or inexpensive kitchen or candle molds. This is a great book for those who love their patio spaces!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


I am frequently asked to post links to articles written by others, and I usually don't because they are clearly are done to promote their websites.  I did find this one interesting though, and thought I would go ahead and post the link with the understanding that I am not promoting their website, only the article.

Perhaps I am falling behind in the tech/web world (no, I don't have a "smart" phone), but I had never heard of Pinterest before.
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