Monday, November 5, 2012

Placebo by Steven James

The very emotional and heart-wrenching beginning of Placebo introduces the character of Jevin Banks. It draws the reader moment by moment into the worst day of this man’s life. This is the most unusual idea for a character that I have seen in a while. Jevin is an illusionist and escape artist who now debunks those who use those talents to defraud people. He and his small crew seek out charlatans claiming psychic type gifts and expose them – on tape for his TV show. The character of Jevin was so strong that he rather overshadowed his assistant, Charlene. I think one of the more interesting characters was Xavior with his quirky ideas, conspiracy theories, and knowledge of Jesus. I wanted to know more about him. Also in the circle is Fionna, a home schooling mom of four children who works as a computer tech expert. After the emotional beginning, Placebo became a rather technical with the neuro medical topics, but once you get through the details the pace picks up again quickly. The team finds themselves wrapped up in situations that go far beyond their original purpose. The story is gripping and the characters are interesting. The story wraps up nicely, and I look forward to the next in this series. Be prepared for the change in tense when Jevin takes over narration. I find it annoying, but that is just a personal preference. Placebo is available November 2012 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.
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