Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bad to the Bone, Memoir of a Rebel Doggie Blogger by Bo Hoefinger Link for Bad to the Bone  
Book Description: Let's get this clear right away: I'm a dog. I'm 1'10" and weigh 63 lbs, and although I'm a mutt on the outside, I'm a purebred on the inside. My good nature comes from the Golden Retriever side of the family, while my stubbornness is clearly from my Chowchow bloodlines. I've got Rastafarian ears, a black tongue for licking, and paws that should be on a dog twice my size.

I type 60 words a minute.

My name is Bo, and this is my story.

My Review:  Meet Bo, a golden retriever/chow mix breed shelter dog. Bo has written his life story, and I enjoyed it thoroughly! Bad to the Bone is written from Bo’s point of view. We meet his “parents”, his feline friend (who almost didn’t make it into the family), and read about all of his adventures.

Bo’s humor will turn around the story of his injured paw and will make you laugh, as will his dream about being on a compilation of game shows. Also in Bo’s memoir is the inclusion of special pages with articles such as Why I Love My Mother (“She feeds me.” is listed three times),  Canine Bingo, Ask the Magic Bo Ball, States I’ve Peed In, and many more. There are also photos of Bo and a Q & A with him.

Bad to the Bone is laugh-out-loud funny (and I don’t laugh out loud while reading very often) and a heartwarming story of why more people should go to their local shelter when they want a dog. Obviously Bo’s parent love and enjoy him, and he has brought as much joy as any pedigree pup could.


  1. Sounds really funny! Is this a book children can read, or is it adult level?
    Just stopped by from SITS to say hi! Hope you will do the same.

  2. It is more for grown-ups who love dogs. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I like dogs but wouldn't say that I love them and your review actually makes me want to read this book. You are a talented writer to say the least :)

  4. Thanks for responding. I'm always looking for books for my grandkids.

  5. Hi Linda...this is Bo, author of 'Bad To The Bone.' We're working very hard to get the word out about my book and I wanted to Woof You for taking the time to read it, and the wonderful review. I'm so glad you enjoyed joining me on my adventures.

    Also, my book is dedicated to rescue and shelter workers who make this world a better place, one animal at a time. I donate 10% of my proceeds to help homeless dogs...and cats.


  6. I am very happy to spread the word about Bo, his book, and the rescue work!

  7. Great review! Adding this one to my TBR list.


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