Monday, August 31, 2009

What’s Right With the Church by Elmer L. Towns

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Personal thoughts: It is easy to find things that are wrong with the local church. A former pastor removed because he was embezzling money for gambling. A pastor rewrote a 40 year old church constitution and added cult-like rules. If you did not agree and were honest, you were no longer a member. I have seen what is wrong with the church. But in spite of imperfect people, I have also seen what is right with the church.

The author of What‘s Right With the Church brings into focus those doctrines that are essential for the local church to get right. The author uses Biblical standards as he discusses Jesus, the Bible, Conversion, Sin, Worship, and other necessary principles. I especially enjoyed the chapter on Worship where the different types of worship were illustrated. He explained why diversity in worship styles is good and should be embraced. I also found his information about the “invitation” following the sermon very enlightening. The author’s message is that if the church can get it right on these subjects, they will make such a tremendous difference that the public will see and desire what Jesus and the local church has to offer.

What’s Right With the Church is a wonderful, thoughtful, and Biblically sound book. It is perfect for the church library, church leaders, and Christians in general. It is also a good book for those who want information on what to look for when seeking a church home.


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