Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Cave by Steve McGill *****

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Book Description:
When World War I began, Arthur Pratt did what many other Americans did, joining a foreign army to fight while the United States was still trying to avoid entering the conflict. He was reportedly killed in action, though no body was ever recovered, and his surviving family had only letters and photos from the war to remember him by. Eighty years later, Arthur’s great-great-grandson Ian is fascinated by the war he’s learned about from his family scrapbooks. He wants to be adventurous and brave just like Arthur, which for Ian means testing his mettle against the spooky Butterfield Ranch and a mysterious nearby cave. When weird things begin happening around him, Ian realizes he’s being called upon to solve a mystery, but doing so will require venturing into the cave.

My Review
The main character of Ian Pratt has a wonderful relationship with his grandfather, and his “Gramps” teaches him through phtotographs and stories about Ian’s great-great-grandfather who went missing in World War I. Ian also learns lessons in bravery as he sets out on his mission to discover the secrets of the cave. Because of my own interest in genealogy, I enjoyed Ian’s intense curiosity in his ancestry and the encouragement of his family in that interest.

The Cave is a wonderful, well-written story that combines horror and history to create a tale that is magical. The book is classified as Young Adult, but the story itself will hold the attention of anyone that has an interest in history or just enjoys a scary quick read.

Don't think for a minute that because this is written for young people that it is a lightweight horror story! I thought it was pretty scary. Because of that and because the book deals with war and death, I would even show care in choosing this book for sensitive children under 12. I would definitely recommend The Cave for adventurous children and teens, and I think adults looking for a quick read will also enjoy this well-composed story.

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  1. Great review! I wasn't lucky enough to get a copy of this, but oh well. I hope I get a chance to read it sometime. It sounds like a good read.


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