Saturday, August 15, 2009

Strange But True, America by John Hafnor, author and Dale Crawford, Illustrator ***** link for Strange but True America, Weird Tales from All 50 States

What an interesting book! If you like trivia, quirky facts, or history, you will absolutely love this book.

Every state has a tale to tell, and the author has certainly delivered up some fascinating history. Best of all, the book is fun to read. The general layout of the book is one page of story and one illustration page. The stories range from heartwarming, to horrible, to down-right strange, but all are entertaining.

My favorite was my home state story of Fast Eddie, but the story of the student who killed the oldest living thing came in a close second! An additional section of the book, When Doomsday Came Calling in Your State, is quite an eye opener. Finally, the section called Thumbing Through America’s Weird Past is a meandering tour of the different areas of the country with bits and pieces of historical trivia.

The illustrators love of history and the old west shows in his detailed contributions to the book. The combination of story and drawings create a complete picture of each of the stories. This is a wonderful book for ages 10 – 110. You can also check out the author's website,, for additional information and even some collectable state postcards with tales from the book.


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