Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jesus of the Bible by Stephen M. Miller ***** link:!The Jesus Of The Bible">

The author’s preface states that he wrote the book for some of his family and friends to tell them about the Jesus of the Bible, and that he did not want to make another boring book, especially about Jesus. He succeeded on both counts. The Jesus of the Bible is an informative and interesting book that is anything but boring. There is extensive information about Jesus, the land of His time, and the social practices of the day. The book is organized well and breaks up the general text with information in easy to read decorative text boxes.

The topics covered in the book were some I have never seen covered in any other book of Jesus. Some of the more unique aspects of the book are discussions on what Jesus may have looked like, and what traditional practices of the Jews explains why we do not know. Also, there is information on Jewish and Roman crimes and punishment of the times, and the recent release of the translation of Gabriel’s Revelation.

The book is a complete book of Jesus from preparation for His birth through His childhood, ministry, death, resurrection, and preparation for His return.

This book is never a stuffy textbook, always informative and sometimes lighthearted. There are beautiful photographs and artwork throughout and, of course, the beautiful story of His amazing love and amazing grace.

This book is also offered at an amazingly low price for a book of this size and quality.


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