Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Unstoppable Confidence by Astrid Harris ****

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Book Description:
Unstoppable Confidence is your ticket to a whole new life – you can be stronger, bolder, and more secure. This easy-to-use workbook tackles six breakthrough steps to help build self-confidence using case studies, exercises, assignments, and empowering techniques.

My Review: I don’t know too many people who couldn’t use a boost of confidence and self-assurance. At times we all feel inadequate or overwhelmed by what we need to accomplish. Unstoppable Confidence is a workbook, broken down into 6 - 1 week lessons, which will teach you how to overcome the thoughts that drag you down and make you feel ineffective.

Initially, the reader assesses their inner belief system, which is a process rather like looking at your thoughts in a mirror. I found the 13 categories of negative thoughts especially useful, and I admit I recognized myself in several categories. The workbook not only helps the reader recognize flawed thoughts, but how to defeat them.

As a fascinating pep-talk for life, the book helps the reader to plan a course for the future and teaches how to go from feeling hopeless about a situation to conquer fears to go forward. We tend to limit ourselves in so many ways when all we really need is to step out and take a chance. This workbook can give you the confidence to attempt great things.


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  1. This sounds like a helpful and practical book. Thank you for your thoughtful review.


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