Sunday, August 30, 2009

Faces in the Fire by T.L. Hines *****

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Yesterday, when I was only on page 68, I used Faces in the Fire by T.L. Hines as one of my Show Me 5 Saturday books. After I posted the “5”, I was so captivated that I sat down and read through the rest of the book. I don’t get so consumed by a book very often.

Here is the book description, followed by my review:

Book Description
Four lost souls on a collision course with either disaster or redemption.
A random community of Faces in the Fire.

Meet Kurt, a truck-driver-turned-sculptor with no memory of his past. Corinne, an e-mail spammer whose lymphoma isn't responding to treatment. Grace, a tattoo artist with an invented existence and a taste for heroin. And Stan, a reluctant hit man haunted by his terrifying gift for killing.

They don't know each other, at least not yet. But something--or someone--is at work in the fabric of their lives, weaving them all together. A catfish, a series of numbers scribbled on a napkin, a devastating fire, and something mysterious. Something that could send them hurtling down the highway to disaster--or down the road to redemption. But they won't know which is which until they've managed to say yes to the whispers in their souls.

My Review:
When I first started the book, I thought it was just a story about a quirky character who heard voices of the dead. I didn’t expect the eloquent weaving of stories that would eventually reach a surprising and dramatic end.

The characters are richly and thoroughly developed. The chapters are oddly numbered out of order and starting with chapter 34. As the story unfolds and the other characters take a turn at telling their stories, it all makes perfect sense. If I had I read about each of them in another book, I may have had little sympathy for any of them, but the way the author brings together their lives and their desire for redemption made me see something special in them.

The book is listed as Fiction/Christian/Suspense. If you are expecting a Christian book that clearly spells out a salvation message, you will be disappointed, but if you want a richly written character driven novel with the subtle message of redemption, you will enjoy this interesting and remarkable book. If you are the type of person that avoids Christian lit, I think you will be very surprised by this one. I highly recommend Faces in the Fire.


  1. I read his book The Unseen and I thought it was just a clean secular novel. I was review it and was trying to figure out what the genre was, finally I went on a Christian book sight and looked it up and I found it I liked the book but it just wasn't a normal Christian book. Faces in the Fire sounds like a great book and I will have to look it up sometime. :)


  2. I enjoyed this book so much more than I thought I would especially when it started on chapter 34. The author did a brilliant job at making everyhthing flow and it just made sense. It was intrigueing also, could not put it down. Great review. You can see mine at

    btw, love the layout!


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