Saturday, July 18, 2009

Turnings: Lyric Poems along a Road by Donald R. Fletcher

Turnings: Lyric Poems Along a Road Link

Turnings is the autobiography of Donald R. Fletcher with stories and poems of his birth country of Korea and his life with his wife, Martha, in South America and the Unites States. It is also a spiritual journey from an evangelical upbringing to an ecumenical pastorate where he was able to create a “commitment ceremony” for his homosexual son and partner.

Turnings is also a book filled with beautiful poetry. The book begins with a poem to the fossilized bones of a three year old described by National Geographic as half human and half ape. There are also poems written for the people in his life and places that he traveled as he expresses this joys and sorrows throughout the years. The back of the book has some lovely family pictures.

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