Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Inconvenient Adventures of Uncle Chestnut by Paul Nowak *****

In The Inconvenient Adventures of Uncle Chestnut the author introduces young people to G. K. Chesterton through the character of Uncle Chester. I confess I was not familiar with G.K. Chesterton before I found this book, but now that I have investigated a little, I am looking forward to knowing more about this talented 20th Century writer. Just to learn that he wrote a book that led C.S. Lewis to become a Christian has made me interested in him.

With four short stories the author tells about a young man’s relationship with his Uncle Chestnut, an interesting and entertaining character. The stories and interaction between them are both funny and touching. Along with the stories is a chapter on the real Chesterton and some of his quotations. There is also a “Words to Know” section to assist young readers with some words they may not understand.

I enjoyed the book very much. This is a great book for a family member, a gift, and certainly should be in every middle school age classroom.


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