Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Mystery of the Third Lucretia *****

Amazon link here: The Mystery of the Third Lucretia

From the back of the book: Kari and Lucas first noticed a man copying a famous Rembrandt in the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Thanks to Lucas’s photographic memory, they recognize him copying another Rembrandt in the National Gallery during their trip to London. Then when a never-before-seen Rembrandt shows up in Amsterdam, the girls start to think that something unusual – and quite possibly illegal – is going on. The only problem is who’s going to listen to a couple of teenagers?

My Review
What happens when 14 year old girlfriends, Kari and Lucas, show a little too much curiosity around a mysterious artist in a Minneapolis art museum? What happens is an international mystery and intrigue happening around them. Kari and Lucas are delightful characters who are fun, smart, talented and curious. Their adventures take them overseas when Kari’s mother takes a job that allows them to travel with her.

The dialog is spot-on for the age of the characters, and I could almost hear their voices while I was reading. Also, their friendship was true to life, including a few spats. I thought I would be able to say this is a great mystery book for young people, but I enjoyed it so much that I would have no problem recommending the book for parents to read too. (ages 10 - ?) I think it would allow some interesting dialog between parents and young teens.

It would also make a good classroom book. The author has a website with more information on the characters and books. Thankfully, this book is a part of a series and I look forward to reading more.

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  1. I like YA fiction like this. It makes for a good light read especially after reading heavy duty novels. I'm going to look into this series :) thanks!


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