Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Carnivore by Mark Sinnett *****

The Carnivore is a story of love, marriage, and infidelity that begins at the time of the devastating hurricane and subsequent floods that stormed through Toronto in 1954. Ray Townes, a police officer, is in the eyes of the public a hero. Mary Townes, a nurse, takes care of the dying and wounded at St. Joseph’s Hospital in the chaotic aftermath of the storm. The depiction of the storm, and especially the chaos in the Emergency Room was very realistic.

The book is also a profound look back over the marriage of Ray and Mary, a loving couple whose lives are changed by the events surrounding the storm and Ray’s infidelity. Mary knows that something is not right with her husband, and she does not rest until she knows the truth. The story is told from both of their perspectives.

There are so many surprises to the story that just when I thought I knew what was coming next, the story twisted to another direction. The story has an emotional draw as you watch the couple, the mistakes they make, and the secrets that they keep. The Carnivore is an interesting, thoughtful and exciting story written with a historic event angle.

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  1. This sounds interesting and sad. I will need to take a look at it. Nice review!


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