Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Inside Awake by Rome Sims ****

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Inside Awake is a smorgasbord of alt-science ideas and several storylines that come together to deliver plenty of adventure and suspense. There are UFOs, time travelers, native wise men, and an undersea expedition. The book starts out at Lake Eyasi in Tanzania where a strange light is seen and massive deaths occur.

There is good character development with the main characters of the book, David Woodall and Dr. Sharon (Geri) Geraldo, both battered and bruised by their upbringing. There is cautious affection between them, and when Geri leads a team to investigate the deaths, the entire team disappears. Dr. Woodall must overcome his fears to try to find them.

This is a good book with many twists and locations. The time-travel aspect of the story is especially descriptive with the detailed portrayal of the flora and fauna of the time. How did they get there – and will they be able to get back?

I am always drawn to the characters that are a bit psychologically broken and are just barely able to overcome their adversity. I would like to see these two main characters show up in another book by this author.


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