Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rescuing Seneca Crane by Susan Runholt *****

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When Kari and Lucas first see Seneca Crane up on stage, playing the piano in front of hundreds of people, they are in awe. She is beautiful. She is amazingly talented. And she is only thirteen! But then they get to know her at the Edinburgh Arts Festival and realize that she envies them. Soon the three are becoming friends . . .until Seneca disappears. There’s no stopping Kari and Lucas from jumping on the trail and tracking her down. Even when it leads to the heart of the Scottish highlands!

My Review
From the same author of The Mystery of the Third Lucretia, Rescuing Seneca Crane is another GREAT Kari and Lucas mystery. Again she has created an interesting and intelligent story for these two junior detectives. The characters display a friendship that is both touching and true-to-life. I enjoy the way the two girls complement each other and defer to each other’s strengths when necessary. Boys enter the picture in this book, and Kari and Lucas are typical girly girls, but smart enough to know that some boys are too old for them.

This time their adventure takes them to Scotland, and I enjoyed reading the descriptive narration. The excitement never stops as the girls try to find out what happened to their new friend, Seneca. I can’t wait for Ms. Runholt to come out with book #3, and I hope to see the character of Seneca again in a future book. Yes, this is a children’s book – about ages 9-15, but I enjoyed it just as much as my grown-up mysteries.

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