Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Not Your Ordinary Give-Away

My happiness in receiving a No Mad by Sam Moffie for review was quickly squished. This is definitely not my kind of book. I received this book without the usual e-mail blurb, but even if the entire back of the book was revealed to me, it really wouldn't have prepared me for the crude sex and bathroom humor. But that is just me!!

The book actually has good reviews on Amazon, and the publisher deserves a review, so I am going to pass this book on. This is not going to be your ordinary give-away. You don't have to post here or follow me (although I would love both of those). You don't have to jump up and down three times and spin in a circle to get the book. As of August 1, the book will be listed in Member's Giveaway. If you are not familiar with librarything, you should check it out. It is a pretty extensive website, and it is free to join. You can find the member giveaways through the groups section or the direct link is here: Member Giveaway

There is also an Early Reviewer list of books, but your "chances" of receiving one is slim.

Anyway, if you would like this book, you will find it at librarything after Aug 1.


  1. yyyeahhhh I read a review somewhere else and thought to myself that this wasn't the book for me. I saw the reviews on amazon. Hm. I guess we're just not cut for that kind of book :)

  2. Good review even though you didn't like the book! I received a solicitation for this book too, but decided to pass, I'm glad I did...

    Chick with Books

  3. Thanks for the heads up! I received an email offer for this book as well. Glad I passed!

  4. That's not my type of book either. They should warn you what type of book it is, instead of sending it out to people who don't do reviews of books like that. I'd pass it on too!!


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