Thursday, July 2, 2009

How to train a Rock by Paul Steven Stone ****

The Amazon Link for How To Train A Rock

How to train a Rock is a collection of the author’s writings from his newspaper column, “A Stone’s Throw”. With titles such as: Listen to The Wind, Perhaps Love, If You’ve Been Wrongfully Murdered, What Happens to Snow That Never Falls, Dear Lord, Can I have a Raise, and many more - you will read stories that make you laugh, wonder, scratch your head and say “Huh?”, and maybe even shed a tear. It is an enjoyable collection of stories that are well written, insightful, and sometimes philosophical.

My favorite quote from the book was when I first opened it and read:

I lied.”

You may not save hundreds of dollars, but you will have a wonderful and enjoyable book to read.

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  1. I too have this book and I have been going through it for the last week or so now... funny stuff. I will be reviewing it soon.


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