Thursday, April 8, 2010

Where There Is No Comfort by Juliann Troi link for Where There Is No Comfort - Seven Days in Ethiopia by Juliann Troi

Book Description: When Pat Bradley, president of International Crisis Aid (ICA), asked Juliann Troi to write an article to promote awareness of the life-saving work his nonprofit organization was doing in Ethiopia, Troi realized it couldn't be done from her office; first-hand experience was needed. Knowing that Pat's work focused mostly on life-and-death situations in places where no one could easily go, guaranteed a difficult trip. Gathering her courage, she left her family and comfortable home to embark on a journey that forever changed her and the way she saw the world.

My Review: This beautifully written 7-day journal is the author’s personal account of her experience with the poverty and desperation in Ethiopia. Juliann Troi takes the reader through her days and her work with ICA as they provide food and medical treatment to those in most need. Her descriptive style is flawless, and I appreciate her very personal approach. She describes her discomfort, her admiration for the Ethiopian people, and their hardships.

The story begins with her thoughts upon waking in her own bed following her journey. She has a new appreciation of the simple things we take for granted.

As her journal of the 7-day mission begins the sounds, smells, and sights come to life. The author not only treats us with her descriptions, but also with many photographs of the people and places in Ethiopia. The story describes the hardships and suffering of the Ethiopian people, but also their spirituality, curiosity and love. This is a heart wrenching story of the poorest of the poor.

For more information and how to assist in the work, the website is here: International Crisis Aid

Publisher's website: Where There Is No Comfort


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