Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dress Your Dog, Nifty Knits for Classy Canines by Sys Fredens link for Dress Your Dog by Sys Fredens
This book elicited a lot of excitement when I showed it to friends, especially the sweater aptly named Ribbed Sweater. It is a simple ribbed knit but with kind of a rolled turtle neck. It is pictured on a small dog, and we all picked it as our favorite. Of course it is not the only charmer in this book. With all different colors, shapes, and styles, there is something for every small to medium sized dog in this book. Most of the circumference sizes for the sweaters are in the 20”-25” range, so for large dogs some tweaking of the pattern would be necessary.

There is a ribbed wraparound vest that would be perfect for a beginner because there is very little shaping or fitting needed. Also, a knit shrug which has simple shaping and little seaming. Although these are mostly knit patterns, there are a few crochet patterns.

There is much more in Dress Your Dog than just sweater patterns for warming up your pooch. Other useful items include also several non-clothing items. There is a crocheted shoulder bag for carrying small dogs and a crocheted collar and leash. There is a knit carry bag, a rug, a striped food mat, a patchwork blanket, two soft pillow-beds.

Dress Your Dog is a fun and practical book with patterns for all skill levels.


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