Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Language God Talks by Herman Wouk link for The Language God Talks by Herman Wouk

The Language God Talks, On Science and Religion by Herman Wouk is not so much about God, but the gentle philosophical musings of the author as he looks back on his life. He writes about his meeting with a theoretical physicist, Richard Phillips Feynman, which seemed to have quite an impact on his life. The author obviously has an interest in the heavens, but in a secular way, as he discusses space exploration. He describes his witness to the liftoff of Apollo 11 and what he believes is the future of space travel.

I was quite moved as I read his account of viewing the Dead Sea Scrolls in an underground wing of Jerusalem’s Israel Museum. This was not an easy book for me to read and understand, but I will accept the blame as my own shortcoming. Herman Wouk is an intellectual – and I am not.


  1. I saw the Dead Sea Scrolls when they did a tour of a Glasgow museum. Unfortunately I was too young to understand what I was seeing at the time. If only for a time machine so I could go back and go "Oooohhh!"

  2. Even though you don't remember it is still sort of a "brush with greatness"!


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