Thursday, April 1, 2010

Should We Fire God? By Jim Pace link for Should We Fire God?

Book Description: When the worst school shooting in history occurred, Pastor Jim Pace, a Virginia Tech alumnus, was front and center. Media, students, church members, and strangers asked him the same question: If God is loving, why doesn't He stop disasters before they start? SHOULD WE FIRE GOD is Jim's thoughtful, reasoned response to the idea that God isn't doing His job very well.

My Review: Jim Pace tackles the subject of tragedies and why God allows them to happen. I liked very much the chapter on God’s protection because it explained what it means and especially what it doesn’t mean.

I did have a problem figuring out what the author believes about Jesus. He clearly states that his is not a Christian, because the term “Christian” has baggage. He says that he is a follower of “Jesus of Nazareth”. Does that mean that he is a follower of the historic Jesus, but not a follower of Jesus Christ, the Son of God? This is actually the second book I have read by an author that makes this peculiar claim.

I was never quite sure what target audience the author had in mind. The book is written with youth-speak language so I thought the audience was young teens, but then other chapters had advice on raising children. There seemed to be a lack of cohesion and flow from chapter to chapter.

Aside from the problems, Should We Fire God does a good job dealing with very difficult subjects. Jim Pace uses his very personal experiences and insights to help those in heartbreaking situations.

The author's website with more information about his book is here: Jim Pace .

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