Monday, December 14, 2009

Silent Desperation by Jeffrey M. Bryan link for Silent Desperation

Book Description:  Written through the emotional rollercoaster of decades, each story and poem captures the human condition in convincing detail, from the greatest love to unalloyed hurt. Yet throughout, the writing is entertaining, offering characters and situations that expand the imagination and pass along the conceptual epiphanies that inspired them. Like a silent cry from the depths of personal experience, the stories and poetry in Silent Desperation capture the greatest life has to offer.

My Review: Silent Desperation by Jeffrey M. Bryan is a wonderful collection of short stories and poetry. The author has produced a creative blend of futuristic tales and, as the title describes, stories of silent desperation. My favorite stories were Eyes of Echo with its fascinating description of actions concerning a crisis in space, and One Dark Night with its armed robbery with a twist. I admit that I am probably not competent to judge poetry, but I was quite moved by Mr. Bryan’s poems, What I have Seen and World of Evil, World of Hope.

The entire book shows great emotion while still being entertaining. Silent Desperation is an interesting, emotional, and quite remarkable collection of stories that conveys emotions that honestly touched my heart. I highly recommend this book.

About the Author:

Jeff Bryan lives in sunny Florida with his wife, Arlene. Both from Illinois, and having attended High School together, they had the good fortune to share homeroom class for all four years. Five years after High School graduation, the couple met quite coincidentally in the frozen foods section of a local grocery store. They were married the following year. Now, after more than 22 years of marriage, they have three beautiful daughters, three cats, and one dog.


  1. hey i no ur dauter this book is ah mazing - Vika bestie of emily

  2. I too have read Silent Desperation by new comer Jeffrey M. Bryan. I admire his style and his openness and willingness to share details into his life through his work. My favorite is the short story Silent Desperation as I found myself in a profound state wanting to reach out and comfort the character. It literally brought me to tears. I look forward to seeing more of what this new talent has to offer. I admire most of the poetry and the imagery that lends itself with it.


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