Thursday, December 24, 2009

Annie's Second Wind by Wally Carlson  link for Annie's Second Wind

Book Description:
Abruptly the wizened figure that had been in a coma for three weeks sat up and pointed a gnarled finger at her sister. "Annie, the island farm is yours now. It is your legacy to guard." Annie winced, A DEATH BED PROMISE. A debt ridden farm in the middle of nowhere. How could it get worse? And then it did.... As the sole surviving relative to twin great-grandbabies, Annie is game, but the state says she's too old, too weird, and the farm still uses an outhouse. Annie needs a little help from her friends, a host of very eccentric aging American heroes with plenty of spunk to burn.

My Review:
Annie’s Second Wind by Wally Carlson started out well, but at some point the characters started to become annoying instead of quirky. There were a few interesting story lines, but the book just didn’t seem to focus anywhere. Starting out strong, the characters come together to revive the family farm on a rustic island. At some point word of mouth creates a desire by the terminally ill to come to the island to live out their last days. The stated plot of the book, which is the adoption of the twins by 78 year old Annie, doesn’t occur until the second half of the book. The behavior of Annie before and following the custody conflict made me want to root for DCFS to take the babies as far away as possible.

I think Annie’s Second Wind will appeal to readers who like numerous off-beat characters and cheering for the underdog. While it was not what I like or prefer, others may enjoy the humor and the story of friends coming together for a purpose. There are some interesting recipes at the end of the story, and several are a must-try!

About the Author:

Wally Carlson lives minutes away from Seven Sisters island in the Pacific Northwest with his wife, Vicki, close to his four adult children, his last "only child" Taylor, a chubby Jack Russell named Pal, a breast-cancer survivor wiener dog, Mindy, and twenty-five Rhode Island Reds.


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