Monday, December 21, 2009

My Impossible Dream by Chuck Randall

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Book Description:
My Impossible Dream is a testament to the impact one person has on the lives of many, to the tremendous good one can bring about whatever the chosen path, to the responsibility each of us carries to make a positive difference in this world. Do they still make men like Chuck Randall? He was a solid strength of character, holding to his principles, enforcing no drinking and no smoking among his players. His rules were as much a challenge then as they are now and contributed to his incredible wins on the basketball courts. But what mattered most was the respect he gave his players as individuals and as equal partners on the team. They were all one, working toward the same goal, no one more important than another, each fully supporting the other and giving his all. It is no wonder that the respect he gave returned to him a hundredfold.

My Review:
My Impossible Dream is a very nice story about an even nicer man. Coach Randall’s accomplishments in basketball are nothing compared to the impact he had on those he coached. His honesty, his integrity, and his love for those boys and men he coached are his true legacy.

If you are not a basketball fan, you will still enjoy the story of the coach’s life. If you love basketball, you will relish the story of his ups and downs with the places and people he coached. The author introduces the reader to the family, friends, and players of Coach Randall with stories, photos, letters, and even lists of players for the real basketball fans.

The story of how the coach was cheated out of the royalties for his slam-dunk rim invention is sad, but Mr. Randall’s real treasures are being stored up in heaven for him. We need more coaches like Chuck Randall in sports today.


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