Saturday, December 5, 2009

Not So Common Courtesy – The Owner’s Manual by Mitzi Taylor

Book Description:
Where in the world did Common Courtesy go?! I don't want to ruin this story for you, but I found out Common Courtesy is dying a slow and painful death. I want it back, so welcome to my journey.

My Review:
Not So Common Courtesy is a very funny look at what seems to be a behavior that is disappearing in today’s society – common courtesy. Rude and discourteous behavior is almost a badge of honor these days. With her delightful sense of humor the author covers courteous behavior in: drive-through lines, communication, personal, public places, traveling, driving, and pets. The book is written in an interactive style with pages for the reader to enter their own information. There is a “Pay it Forward” page to sign and then pass the book to someone else. There are also pre-printed note pages to pass along to others and some blank ones to fill out.

I enjoyed the book very much, and I think this would be a perfect gift not only for adults, but also for older teens. I would also like to see Not So Common Courtesy  in every library. Meet the author on her website here: Mitzi Taylor

My pet peeves?

1. People having personal conversations loudly on their cell phones in public.

2. Those who do not respect personal space-Please do NOT touch my hair, and do not ask me to cut my hair and donate it to a “charity”


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