Thursday, December 17, 2009

Countdown in Cairo The Russian Trilogy by Noel Hynd link for Countdown In Cairo

Book Description:

When federal agent Alexandra LaDuca travels to Egypt to investigate the possible sighting of a former mentor, she is thrown into the deadliest game of double cross in her career. An American woman working alone, she must rely on her wits, her training, and her skill with lethal weapons not just to succeed, but also to survive.

A CIA agent whom she believed to be dead appears to be alive; and why is he dressing like an Arab and speaking Russian? Tough, savvy, and cool under fire, Alex pushes herself to the limits as she puts her life on the line once again for her faith and her country—all while working with a mysterious new partner who may or may not be trustworthy.
My Review:

Countdown in Cairo is the third of the Russian trilogy series. You can read my review of Midnight in Madrid (the second in the series) here: Midnight in Madrid

Of course, like most things I do – I am reading them out of order, but that did not take away from the stories as they can each stand alone perfectly well.

Countdown in Cairo starts out with a dramatic beginning with the morgue as the backdrop and then drops back to the beginning of the story. The set up to the main story was slow at times, but that is because the story is rich in detail of locations and background. It is certainly worth the wait! There are a number of background facts about the Russian events mixed in with the fiction creating an interesting blend.

All three of the books feature Alexandra LaDuca, a strong female character that is smart, formidable, and a woman of faith. There were more spiritual elements to this story than the other books as Alex has struggles with moral consequences in her employment and with forgiveness.  This is another GREAT book by this author.

About the Author

Noel Hynd lives in Culver City, California. He has over four million books in print throughout the world and is the bestselling author of the highly acclaimed novels The Enemy Within, Flowers from Berlin, and Cemetery of Angels, and the previous titles in the Russian Trilogy, Conspiracy in Kiev and Midnight in Madrid.

A copy of the book was provided for the review


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