Monday, November 28, 2011

Stuck by Jennie Allen - A Women & God Bible Study

“The vision is that we would see broken spots in our soul.”  I received the leaders’ kit for this group Bible study program that contains a leader’s guide, a workbook, a DVD with eight video lessons, and a deck of conversation and scripture cards.

The Bible Study Meeting:
The leader is reminded to listen, not lecture, and not to counsel.  The lessons, except lesson one, are to be completed at home before the meeting.  To do the lessons properly I would say they would probably take 30-45 minutes at home to study and complete. The homework discussion at the meeting should last 20-30 minutes.

The DVD lessons are very nicely produced.  The speaker is engaging and the backgrounds in the video are very nice.  The video and teaching should last 10-40 minutes.

There is a deck of cards that contain questions used as conversation starters. The cards for that week are set out and each lady chooses her favorite one. The scripture card for the week is also placed out.  The ground rules for the card session are:
  1. Be concise
  2. Keep sharing confidential
  3. Rely on scripture for truth
  4. No counseling

Meeting attendees are reminded of these rules at each meeting.  The women are then asked to “share” their answers to the question they chose.  This session should last 30-75 minutes.  I chose three questions randomly as examples:
  1. What do you love more than God?
  2. What things in your life right now get you down?
  3. How has your past contributed to your stuck places?

The material as a whole is very good and we all want to be able to say “It is well with my soul.”  I would say that this Bible study would appeal to young women, immature Christians, and not-yet believers seeking God for their lives. Jennie talks quite a bit about her life and her children in the DVD lessons, and I think this age group would find it most engaging.   It is very much a feelings based study, and some of the sharing the women are asked to participate in is very personal.  The fact that the leader is to remind them at each meeting that the conversation is confidential means that it could be very damaging if that confidentiality isn’t held.

The print in both the leader’s book and the study guide is gray instead of black and is very difficult to read.  While lovely to look at, it is very hard on the eyes.  My hope is that in later printings the print will be darkened. 

With only eight lessons, I think this is a good way for women who feel they are stuck in their spiritual lives and to receive a needed push to move forward.


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