Monday, November 28, 2011

No Cure for Murder by Lawrence W. Gold, M.D.

Sometimes I just can 't figure out authors!  There are a few ways that authors or publicists can contact me and ask for a book review.  One is directly by going to my website and reading the side-bar paragraph about what types of books I like to read. Another is a listing in a an e-book that was distributed to independent authors with the same information.  They can see the other books I review (some are Christian, some not), and it states that I will read Christian books. I also get emails with requests for reviews with an introduction to their book, and that is how I found this book.  So why wouldn't the author mention that an important part of the story is that Christians are reviled in this book?

There was nothing on the back cover or in what I was sent that would warn me that I would be insulted on every other page of this book.  I am still a little stunned at the hatred on those printed pages. This isn't the first time this has happened, but I just can't figure out why an author would want to insult so many people.  Do they think Christians don't read general fiction?

Here is my review, and I tried to be fair:
Although I did not enjoy this book, it is a pretty good medical mystery. The plot follows a doctor as he introduces each patient, his connection to them, and their treatment. Several become victims of a serial killer. Although I was able to figure out the killer early on, there were plenty of suspects and interesting characters throughout Brier Hospital.

I have tried to review this book fairly and not let my personal views get in the way. Unfortunately, the author did not give the reader the same courtesy. I would not recommend this book for Christians, or anyone who is pro-life unless you don't mind being insulted on every other page. 


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