Saturday, November 26, 2011

Stigma by Philip Hawley Jr.

Setting the scene for a medical story is often difficult and unrealistic, but Philip Hawley was able to make the opening hospital scenes believable and intense when a young boy arrives with an unknown deadly illness. The web of secrets and lies creates an interesting and unforgettable story.

Stigma is a first-rate medical thriller/action/adventure and I would never have guessed this was an author’s first book.  Philip Hawley’s book can stand right along side books by the more “famous” authors. Each character is developed carefully so that the reader becomes involved with each of them and the story.

The story doesn’t just stay in the hospital though, it travels out of the country and off on an adventure I didn’t expect. It is a good story with interesting characters, and is the type of story that will appeal to both men and women.


  1. I've read Stigma, too, and I agree with your assessment; it is a fantastic read. I'm really looking forward to his next novel.

  2. I'm looking forward to his next one too!


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