Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Cholesterol Delusion by Ernest N. Curtis, M.D.

Well, talking about bucking the system!!  Ernest N. Curtis, M.D. comes along and dares to contradict the current thought that cholesterol is going to kill us all.  The Cholesterol Delusion is a very interesting report on one of the top medical drug-types being prescribed today.  The author takes the time to break down the science into language the non-medical public can understand. He also includes a section on how to make sense of a medical journal report, and several journal reports are included in the book.    

Dr. Curtis’ description of what really happens with a blocked artery is far different than those cute little commercials that the drug company runs explaining how all those little particles are choking my heart!   It is shocking to find out how the testing is evaluated when little evidence shows the results the drug companies report.   

I am not quite ready to pitch my statin drugs, but I am ready to do some more research to on the subject.  I confess that upon finishing the book I made myself a breakfast of bacon and eggs!  I would recommend The Cholesterol Delusion to anyone taking any type of maintenance or preventative prescription drugs.  


  1. Good review, Linda! I was just reading a book called "Fit or Fat." It's a little old but I think it had some interesting facts bout cholesteral and sugars and how your body uses them.

  2. Thank you Sharon. Some of the information about the drug testing and whether the drugs actually made a difference was shocking.

  3. Cholesterol meds can be dangerous! My mom lost ALL muscle tone as a side effect of one she was taking. Even now, years later, she still has problems when she gets fatigued.

  4. This is the first book I've heard of that debunks the Cholesterol myth! I'm going to have to get a copy and have a read. My doctor stopped testing my cholesterol a bunch of years ago, as he said that there was no correlation between high cholesterol and heart disease. Amazing the power drug companies have!

    Thank you for this post!

  5. I know this, it's different for different folks. I have had high, (300) cholesterol since they first tested in my twenties. I take l-arginine to keep chest pains away now at fifty-six, and a little aspirin a day plus a small dosage blood pressure pill.

    If I have eggs two or three days in a row, I get tired, sweaty, and the angina is at the door. A week ago I topped off a "three dayer" with a Micky D's 2 for $3 sausage mcmuffin with egg. I have steered clear since. Cholesterol can make a difference, and I would bet that the doc does cover folks like me in his book. Otherwise...


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