Sunday, February 27, 2011

Damaged by Alex Kava

Damaged started out well with a dramatic description of a Coast Guard rescue helicopter plucking a large cooler out of the waters off Florida.  Unfortunately, that initial excitement quickly dropped to a rather slow pace.  

While I enjoyed the story and it was interesting, there were several storylines going on which never seemed to connect.  The hurricane added interest as did the helicopter rescue scenes.  Connecting two of the other stories seemed to be forced, but I don’t want to add any more because it would be a spoiler.

Maggie O’Dell is a good character, but I just did not get a good idea of her personality or why she behaved as she did.   There was a hint of a love interest for her, but it was really just a hint.  Some of the other characters did not have enough depth to care about them.  The other main female character failed to stand out, and the creepy funeral director was a too much of a stereotype.

Although I did not find this one outstanding, it was interesting enough that I would like to try one of the earlier books in this series.   In the end, not great but not bad either.


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