Saturday, March 12, 2011

Two Bits Four Bits by Mark Cotton link for Two Bits Four Bits by Mark Cotton

The main character is a likeable and interesting former homicide detective not quite sure what he wants for his future.  He returns to his hometown for a reunion and to tie up some family matters.  When the husband of a classmate is murdered, Buddy finds himself in the middle of the investigation. 

I enjoyed the detail of some of the detective work that Mark Cotton provided in this mystery.  Most mysteries overlook those details and just go for action, but I enjoyed getting immersed in the creative work of a detective. 

There are many characters in Two Bits Four Bits that I see in regularly in small town America. I especially enjoyed the addition of the three older guys that met at the local restaurant every morning for coffee and gossip.  

This is a good mystery with several suspects that reaches a satisfying conclusion.   Buddy is a character that you look forward to seeing in a book series and I hope more are in the works.


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