Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rasner's Revenge by Mark Rosendorf link for Rasner's Revenge  
Rasner's Revenge is the third Rick Rasner book in the series. In Rasner's Revenge we find many of the same main characters, Rick, Clara, Jake, Gen. Straker and more. Author Mark Rosendorf's characters are always unique and his writing is very good. There is a perfect blend of dialog and narration, and the action explodes on every page. I loved the characters and I hated them, but that is what made the story so interesting.

Rasner's Revenge, along with the rest of the Rick Rasner series of books, is not for the squeamish because of the amount of violence, but the violence is an important part of the personality of the characters.

Although this third book in the series can stand alone, I highly recommend reading The Rasner Effect first. You will get a better background of each of the characters, and I confess that the first was my favorite of the three because of one major twist. I thought this third in the series was going to be the last, but there is still a mystery or two that could be revealed in another book. 


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