Monday, March 29, 2010

Lies the Government Told You by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano link for Lies the Government Told You Myth, Power, and Deception in American History

By Andrew Napolitano

Book Description:What new crisis will the federal government manufacture in order to acquire more power over individuals? What new lies will it tell?

Throughout our history, the federal government has lied to send our children off to war, lied to take our money, lied to steal our property, lied to gain our trust, and lied to enhance its power over us. Not only does the government lie to us, we lie to ourselves. We won’t admit that each time we let the government get away with misleading us, we are allowing it to increase in size and power and decrease our personal liberty.

In acquiescing to the government’s continuous fraudulent behavior, we bear partial responsibility for the erosion of our individual liberties and the ever-expanding federal regulation of private behavior. This book attacks the culture in government that facilitates lying, and it challenges readers to recognize that culture, to confront it, and to be rid of it.

This book was provided by Thomas Nelson for review.

My Review: What an eye-opening book! This is neither a liberals vs. conservatives nor Democrats vs. Republicans book, but a book about how our constitution has been distorted and eroded by every generation that gains power. Judge Andrew Napolitano clearly explains what the constitution says and how our presidents and elected officials created laws that are clearly unconstitutional.

Do we really have property rights when it can be confiscated for “public use” by the government? I thought one of the most surprising facts is that in the original constitution Senators were not voted in by the general population. They were chosen by state legislators, not to be representatives of the people, but ambassadors of the state. There are heartbreaking instances, including an innocent man being executed because the appeals court refused to hear new evidence and a governor who refused to grant a pardon.

We have seen our rights eroded over time that we think has happened in our lifetime, but in fact, it has happened all throughout the history of the US.  One right, one freedom after another slips away, and we just accept it.

The book is nicely referenced and annotated for each section. Congressman Ron Paul wrote the forward to Lies the Government Told You and it gives the perfect introduction to Judge Napalitano’s work. I highly recommend this interesting and informative book.


  1. This looks like an interesting book. So many to read, so little time!

    Thanks for the follow on Sugar Tails Recipe Box. It's really more just that -- a place to hold my favorites -- than a blog, but I hope you enjoy it and find some good things to eat! :)

  2. Interesting...I wonder if he's related to the Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano?

  3. Melissa, they are not related, but it is a common question.

  4. I'm going to have to read that one. (Maybe, I'm so disillusioned with the govt. it might not be good.) When you re-read our constitution you wonder what is going on today. Our nation was founded over less than a smidge of what we put up with now. People would rather watch American Idol. Maybe we need to get a reality show on Congress?

  5. Thanks for stopping by panamama. I think the problem is that our elected officials haven't read the constitution!


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