Sunday, March 14, 2010

Web of Secrets by Ernesto Patino link for Web of Secrets by Ernesto Patino   

About the Book:  Sarah Baker's search for the truth about her adoption uncovered a tangled web of deadly secrets... A phone call from a blackmailer turned Sarah's life upside down. The man claimed to know the circumstances of her illegal adoption thirty years ago. He also revealed some shocking facts about her real parents. Rather than have the blackmailer go public with the information and risk her husband's career, she agreed to a one-time payoff. Hiring a Private Investigator seemed the only option, but it meant opening a Pandora's box. Ex FBI investigator turned P. I. Joe Coopersmith was up to the task, but working on a thirty-year-old mystery wouldn't be easy. Joe didn't realize it might also turn deadly...

My Review: Web of Secrets has everything a good mystery should have. It has the interesting and competent PI, secrets from the past, and multiple mysteries that need resolution. It caught my interest immediately with the initial set up of a story from the past.

The character of P.I. Joe Coopersmith, the fifty-something, former FBI investigator is likeable and in the story he has a way with people that gets results. There is fast paced action and several twists in the story that kept me wondering where it would go next.

The one mystery to me is the reaction to the blackmailer. Of course I don’t want any spoilers in my review, but I think the reaction to this blackmailer will read differently in different areas of the country. In the story’s location of Florida and in other Southern states, this blackmailer’s information would create a different reaction than it would receive in the Midwest or in most areas of this country in 2010.

I hope this is just the first book featuring P.I.  Joe Coopersmith!

The author's website is here:  Web of Secrets where you can read the first chapter.  Check out the author's site and then stop back by here and leave a comment to let me know what you think!


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