Sunday, March 7, 2010

Without Hesitation by Mark Rosendorf Link for Without Hesitation by Mark Rosendorf                     

Following a brief escape, Clara Blue is back at the Brookhill Psychiatric hospital. Her mentor, Rick, is dead and her surrogate family, the Duke Organization, is scattered. She is troubled, a trouble maker, and her only goal is escape. When a former Duke member shows up as an employee of the hospital, they begin to plot her attempt at freedom.

I read a lot of thrillers, and I have to say that Mark Rosendorf doesn’t write ordinary thrillers. He writes stories that are unique and just a little off center – but in a good way! Without Hesitation is the sequel to The Rasner Effect and the story continues with some of the same characters. Clara is an unusual teen character as she tries to cause as much trouble as possible, but still remains someone who stirs up sympathy. She is violent, but she has a conscious, and now she is having hallucinations.

Although Without Hesitation is fine as a stand-alone book, I would still recommend reading The Rasner Effect first. It will help put all of the characters in perspective and it, too, is a wonderful unique story. Without Hesitation has me eager to read Mark’s next book.

For more information about all of his books, Mark Rosendorf's website is here:  Mark Rosendorf 


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