Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kill Me Twice by Jerry Bayne link for Kill Me Twice

Kill Me Twice is an absolutely superb political thriller. Start to finish this book was exciting and suspenseful. I don’t like to give too much information about the plot, especially when the book is as intense as this one, so my plot description is simple. When three government officials cause lead character Bradley Cardiff’s life to fall apart, his only goal is revenge.

The characters, their relationships, and friendships are well-developed and interesting. Cardiff’s character is one of a focused, highly qualified CIA agent who uses his skills to seek vengeance, but he was also a man who loved his family. One of the police characters, Mike Sams, also stands out as an interesting and likeable character. The crooked political figures, unfortunately, are probably not too far off from real life with their dirty deals and corruption.

Kill Me Twice is an outstanding, fast-paced tale of political intrigue. Some language and violence in the book, but dare I say well deserved? I was engrossed through the entire book and found the ending very satisfying. I confess that when I read a book I like, I always find a character that I would like to see continue into the author’s next book. It’s just me. Mike Sams was the character in this book, and I would like to see his story continue from the last page of this book to another.

I can’t wait to order a copy of the author’s previous book, The Gatherer.

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  1. This does sound fun, Linda. I love stories of political intrigue. Thanks for the recommendation!


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