Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dreamer by Philip L. Davidson

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Book Description:
As war between Britain and Argentina looms over the barren Falkland Islands, a group of men, former Green Berets who left the service in disgrace and now live their lives in the 'darkness', are brought together by God to save one of his servants who is being held hostage in a prison at the end of the earth. For one man in the group, the mission is personal, for it is David's wife, Sunny, who is the hostage they are trying to save. Taking the form of one of their dead comrades, God gives them the chance to stand in the light of men once more. But their path is compromised by God's loyal servant, Satan, who places death and betrayal before them. Dreamer takes place in Washington, D.C., Georgia, Mexico, Central America and Argentina. As they fight their way to Los Estados prison, the men encounter the CIA, Contras, the Narco-Terrorists M-19, and Captain Alvarez, who is the head of the Argentine Secret Police. Dreamer is a tale of redemption, love, courage, belief in God and betrayal!

My Review:

Dreamer is the story of good and evil, heaven and hell, God and Satan, all wrapped up in a military adventure/thriller. Haunted by their past, a group of former Green Berets are gathered together for reasons they do not understand. Troubled by their stint in Vietnam, the group rallies to fulfill an oath they took to a now dead member.

Dreamer is an outstanding story that completely held my interest throughout. The story line was action-packed and suspenseful with many unexpected twists. I was impressed with the individual development of all of the characters. Often with a large number of people to keep track of I get a little lost, but with Dreamer every character was unmistakable. Waiting to find out if redemption would come about and determining who specifically Keaton was kept me enthralled.

Listed as religious fiction, this is certainly not your ordinary religious book. Containing some rough language and harsh situations gives Dreamer that gritty realistic essence. I enjoyed the book very much and think that would create much discussion in both religious (not just Christian) and secular book clubs.

This one earns my Fave award :


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