Sunday, September 6, 2009

Breaking Barriers by Jason Frenn

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Book Description:
In a world filled with dysfunction, futility, and confusion, people are looking for meaning and significance. They want to break through the barriers holding them back.
BREAKING THE BARRIERS offers three foundational pillars to equip readers for overcoming the most difficult obstacles in their lives. These three pillars teach readers how to:-Take on the character of God the Father-Take on the wisdom of the Son-Take on the discipline of the Spirit.
Through dynamic stories of people who have overcome seemingly insurmountable odds, and the powerful example of the author who has overcome great adversity in his own life, this book shows readers that God is on their side and desires for them to fulfill the dreams and purposes he has placed in their hearts.

My Review:
In three sections on “The Heart of the Father, The Wisdom of the Son, and The Discipline of the Spirit, the author explains how you can be the type of person God expects you to be. In story-telling style, the author describes Godly character and how to develop it in the reader’s life. I especially enjoyed the chapter on True Wisdom and how important it is for us to learn Godly wisdom.

There are several things that I think set this book apart from others. The author did not come from a perfect family, so he has experiences that can be helpful for others, especially young people. It is written in a comfortable, relaxed style. The author opens up and shares stories of his life, decisions he had to make, and situations that required wisdom in behavior. Imagine being approached by a rough looking character in the middle of the night asking for money and a ride. Then think about helping him and learning an important spiritual lesson from the stranger. Another story of unattended baggage at the airport demonstrates behavior choices.

Although anyone can learn from this book, I would highy recommend it for teens and young adults.

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  1. Linda,

    Thank you very much for your kind review of Breaking The Barriers. I am especially encouraged by your recommendation for teens and young adults to read it.

    May the Lord help you break every barrier you face!

    Thank you!


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