Monday, March 28, 2011

Easy Appliqué Blocks by Kay Mackenzie

This is the perfect book for a beginner appliqué quilter or someone wanting to learn how to appliqué.  I am so impressed with the author’s variety in her designs and to have all 50 designs included together in the same book.  I already have several ideas that I would like to try.   With just the designs she has included, I could make a bird quilt, an animal quilt, a flower quilt, a kitchen quilt, a “welcome” home style quilt, or a baby or child quilt.  If my own ideas aren’t enough, there is a section at the end with a gallery of ideas.

There are excellent instructions on different techniques of appliqué.  There is a list of needed notions, information on pattern prep and instructions for creating a placement guide. Different methods are covered in both hand and machine appliqué. Kay Mackenzie’s instructions are detailed without being too wordy and contain good diagrams.

As if the 50 designs are not enough, there is also a CD included that includes all of the designs printable in 5 sizes.  Also, there are different print options depending on what method you are using for your appliqué.   I liked the layout of the CD because it had the feel of navigating a website. 

Although I am more of an intermediate-skilled appliqué quilter, I love this easy book.  Embellishments can make even the easiest quilt block look like a masterpiece. 


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